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As a creator


You want to bring social audiences to one place.


You want to build a direct relationship with your audiences.


You seek first-party data and global monetization options.
Introducing Linkout by Fewcents
Collect Global Payments

Fewcents comes pre-integrated with local payment methods across 65 countries in 50+ currencies. Wherever your audience is located, they can support your work with our secure payments platform.

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Monetize Social Media Fans

You have audiences across Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and a dozen other platforms. Monetize each post with a dedicated short link to your digital asset landing page.

Utilize First-Party Data

Get access to first-party data about your fans - Name, email, country, and types of content they made a voluntary contributions for.

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Find New Audiences

Add a new revenue stream that is directly generated from your fans who want to see you succeed.

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